View Full Version : It's All Making Sence

08 Apr 2003, 14:25
It looks as though the "Couldn't Have Said It Better" single will be released in Germany and the UK on the same day which should hopefully be the 14th of April. Then 1 week later we will get the album on the 21st of April in the UK. Lets just all hope that this is the way it works. It is certainly a logical way to do it. If you read this Meat Loaf could you confirm it :D :D :D :D

I really want this new album more than anything thanks Meat

See you at the SECC in November :D :D :D

08 Apr 2003, 23:24
The last I heard about CHSIB (the single) was that it would be released on 21st April in most countries of the world except the US, with the album on the same date, or possibly later.

13 Apr 2003, 20:06
Just seen the ad for the single of Couldn't Have Said It Better in the newspaper, it says it's released tomorrow- it was also in black and white, the budget must be running thin