View Full Version : The Rare Songs: 26. Together (with Ted Nugent)

White of High
05 Apr 2003, 14:03
Rare Songs: Together (with Ted Nugent)

Good ballad! But I feel sorry the music is repressing Meat's voice. Yes, I like it. I think it's a little bit long and at the end it turns into boring...

My score: 7

Average: 8.00 (16/2)

05 Apr 2003, 20:40
Amazing ballad!! The best song on "Free For All" and very powerful, with a great charisma!


05 Apr 2003, 21:36
I really don't like Free for all (except the performance of a big man with a big voice), but this song is great.

10 Apr 2003, 21:37
ted nugent is stupid

have you seen his mtv cribs thing? what a ******...

The Flying Mouse
12 Apr 2003, 18:03
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12 Apr 2003, 18:08
Well, Ted Nugent is funny, do have a few disks of him, Full Bluntal Nugility live, or something like that, and some ohters.

This is a great song, but i do like the music, and i do like meat loaf......so....that's why.

25 Nov 2003, 22:51
I believe it was my friend who found this song, and he gave it to me. I'm gonna keep it, until I find the original :D . It is such a great piece, I love the music even though it ain't as powerful as most Meat songs. Its a great Rock N Roll song, with awesome power. Meat & The Nuge, wow. :)