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05 Apr 2003, 12:28
This is a very brief story, with everybody caught up in the CHSIB frenzy i don't know all the details but on the kelly show last night in which Meat appeared, he said he was doing another album before Bat 3, a 'duets' CD. He mentioned such artists as himself and LL Cool J.
I do not know however if he meant :

1) He is making a CD where he sings duets with a lot of other musicians such as LL cool J


2) If a CD is being made with different artists singing together and Meat has been paired with LL Cool J for one of the songs on the album.

Personally i hope it a whole cd of meat singing with such big stars!!!! Time will tell. In the mean time CHSIB rocks and is the only album to listen to at the moment!!!!!!!!! Could this be where the Shakira duet rumour originated from?

Juan Llanos
05 Apr 2003, 12:39
I love Queen too... and in 1987 Meat and Brian made "Heroes"...

I vote to make a record with Jim, because... it's logic and natural!!

A duet album.... why not?... maybe Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Lou Reed... I don't know, but really stars...

And please, not Shakira!!

05 Apr 2003, 12:48
In 1978 Meat song Heaven Can Wait at The Nassau Coliseum. Meat and Jim sung together the end of the song. It sounded amazing.

05 Apr 2003, 13:08
River deep, mountain high with Tina Turner.


05 Apr 2003, 13:12
Yes, Cloggy, now we're talking.
I vote for Tina and Meat.


White of High
05 Apr 2003, 13:18
With CÚline Dion?
Or yes! With Scatman John! :lol:

05 Apr 2003, 13:34
Scatman John is dead ;)

White of High
05 Apr 2003, 13:50
Is it true?
I didn't hear it!!!

05 Apr 2003, 14:00

05 Apr 2003, 14:07
Is it true?
I didn't hear it!!!

He died of cancer in 1999.

05 Apr 2003, 17:07
bette Midler. he has to sing with Bette Midler :lol:

05 Apr 2003, 17:31
Yeah, Bette Middler, she's cool! She did Beast of Burden with the stones and that sounded great.

The Flying Mouse
05 Apr 2003, 18:16
:twisted: I think a duet CD would be a good thing.As long as the artists he works with are of the same style and standing as himself.
LL Cool J? 8O .I hope that was a wind up.Has he ever even heard of rock & roll?Five minute wonders like him shouldn't be allowed to sweep the stage occupied by a true music great :evil: .
Tina Turner,Celine Dion and Bette Middler are more suitable duet material because they have integrity.They have nothing to prove and don't need any brownie points.
I hate to say it,but I lost all respect for Elton John when he sang with Blue.When music legends lower themselves to performing with people with far less talent than themselves just to try to break into a younger trendier market they sell themselves and their fans out :cry: .

White of High
05 Apr 2003, 18:22
I hate to say it,but I lost all respect for Elton John when he sang with Blue.

Did you hear Eminem with Queen? If you want to hate somebodies...

The Flying Mouse
05 Apr 2003, 18:30
:twisted: Eminem & Queen 8O ?????????????
Man that's awful.Elton John has sang with him too :? .
It makes me sick :evil: .
Sorry,it's just something I feel very strongly about.

05 Apr 2003, 18:37
I am going to Elton John in december :P

I didn't dislike the song he did with blue that much tbh.

05 Apr 2003, 21:05
A duet between Meat and Tina Turner would be the best I can imagine!

Juan Llanos
05 Apr 2003, 21:15
:twisted: Eminem & Queen 8O ?????????????
Man that's awful.Elton John has sang with him too :? .
It makes me sick :evil: .
Sorry,it's just something I feel very strongly about.

Eminem & Queen??? I see Queen & Elton John, Queen & Robbie Williams and Elton John & Eminem... but I don't belive Eminem and Queen... one because Freddie did, second I don't see Brian and Roger singing with someone as Eminem.... can you confirme it?

05 Apr 2003, 21:18
yeah, two oldies and then tehy sing Forever Young together. WoW! It would be awesome :D

05 Apr 2003, 21:45
It's always fun to see Meat dueting with new people, but let's face it, there's a certain type of preformer that he definitely clicks with when singing- that being an improbably beautiful woman with a voice that suggests that beneath the exquisite exterior lie balls of steel! I think the lovely Patti more than measures up! But if we're playing fantasy Meat duets then I think he could do a lot worse than have a go with someone like Bonnie Tyler. I vaguely remember an album collaboration between them a few years ago, but can't remember exactly what they actually sung together. I think maybe new life could be breathed into this one a la Mr Steinman. But hell, if it's going to delay Bat III then I can probably live without it!

06 Apr 2003, 11:03
Meat and Elvis Costello singin' "Oliver's Army" :wink:

07 Apr 2003, 20:32
I'd seriously like to see him duet wit ronan keating singing no matter what, i didn't like the boyzone version of that song, but as a solo artist i think ronan is good

07 Apr 2003, 20:40
Revival: Meat/Cher
or Meat / Tina Turner (River deep mountain high)
That would be cooool! :mrgreen:

The Flying Mouse
07 Apr 2003, 22:56
:twisted: Another song that would rock with Tina Turner is Proud Mary 8) .
But on the other hand,does he really need anyone but Patti.