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04 Apr 2003, 21:31
Hi guys! Although im awaiting my copy from Germany, i had heard a few tracks a wee bit ago, and i just gotta say, couldnt you see Testify as an ender to the show, with Meat Loaf and the band somehow leading the 'congregation' (audience) out and on their way home (if they could somehow work it so that Meat and the band would be safe and also so there wouldn't be any out of hand crowd problems)? OK so its hard to relay what im trying to here, but I could see Testify as possibly being a rousing new show closing number.

I understand that this tour/show is gonna be huge with effects and such, what would you like to see? Meat deems himself an artist, and one thing artists and creative people in general like is to always have new ways to creatively express themselves (Madonna once stated in an interview that she knows she has to sing most of her old standard hit songs every tour, but she gets frustrated if she has to do it the same way all the time, so she always would make up a whole new way to perform her hits without upsetting her audience for each tour she does) -- do you see any way the 'standard Meaty hits' could be performed differently without hurting the overall greatness of the songs?

Like for example, Took The Words as an acoustical number (like Storytellers) or something like that? What are your thoughts? Also, i gather there will probably be a lot of theatrics -- how would you weave all the new songs with the old songs so as to fit a show like that? Do you forsee any sort of 'storyline' happening like how WTTN tour was little mini movies (each song i mean) or just a basic all out straight sung concert with pyro and smoke and a cool set? I'd love to see any answers on this.

Hope i posted it in the right topic! I was thinking about this a little due to something this week, so i'd love to see other people's thoughts too! Take care!

04 Apr 2003, 22:37
As long as he does "objects in the rear view mirror" and "bad for good", I am happy :)