View Full Version : Meat on Planet Rock

19 Oct 2006, 21:59
Hi there,

Did anyone catch the new Meat tracks on the digital radio station 'Planet Rock'?

Nicky Horne played three tracks, unfortunately I only caught the last one but I have to say, 'Bad for Good' was everything I'd hoped it would be and much more! It's been a long wait but its finally here and great to have Brian May on it.

Shame about missing the other tracks, but Mr Horne read my e-mail out so that's ok...!

Looking forward to the TV appearances, hopefully Monday will arrive soon!!

Best wishes everyone,


Mick Loaf
19 Oct 2006, 23:43
I missed this but a mate of mine texted to say that:

"Meat Loaf's new songs are getting slated by Planet Rock listeners!?!"

Needless to say I replied saying they were obviously wrong except I
wasn't as polite as that.

Now I didn't hear this, was anyone listening who has more info. on this?

20 Oct 2006, 09:29
I think Meat always seems to get a mixed reaction - you either love him or hate him!

Well, I love him and as for what I heard, it was amazing!!