View Full Version : Oooh so woe is me! UK Release Date Blues!

31 Mar 2003, 22:24

I'm madder than a mad man and bored to the core,
Theres an album in the deutschland, but not in my store!!
Its ordered on a website, but not yet at my door!
What on earth can be the matter?!? Can I do any more?!

The record company said it would be here today,
But now I wanna cry coz its not yet on its way!
I'm sure if I wait it'll be here very soon....
... right after that cow jumps over that there moon!

I wanna testify!
I wanna know why!
I wanna turn it up so loud that the neighbours move away!!

I wanna do it!
Listen to it!
I wanna listen to the tracks so loud that makes me proud!...

... to be a Meat Loaf fan!

A website let me have a single song to hear,
How can I see paradise and be allowed nowhere near!
So mean is this life I cant stand it round here!!
Geeeeeezzz Louise!! Someone get me a beer!

The record company blunder, or a strange twist of fate,
Means that some countries get CD, others have to wait...
Which is all well and good for the patient or the late.
But I guess I should accept it as a record company trait.

The germans are laughing because they have all the songs.
And for the dutch i'm sure, the CD won't be long.
But nothing for the UK yet, as we hang out our tongue,
Teased like dogs so mean and cruel, surely thats wrong?

I will forgive this crime, truley horrid in itself
For songs so great, recommended by Fireball himself.
So two weeks I wait maybe, till I can buy it off the shelf...
What CD you say? (I) Couldn't Have Said It Better (Myself)

An ode to all those waiting for the CD, in the UK and USA and the rest of the Meat-Starved-World!!
Have fun (if at all possible)

31 Mar 2003, 22:26


The Flying Mouse
01 Apr 2003, 04:47
:twisted: Nice one Alex :lol: .
You rock 8) .
Makes the waiting a little easier :lol: .

01 Apr 2003, 09:59
A Poet amongst us WOW!! Well done!!

02 Apr 2003, 18:40
Does any1 know when CHSIB is coming out. This waiting is killing me
It has know changed to the 21st

02 Apr 2003, 18:53
To be honest I really don't see it being any earlier than 5 MaY. Thats the only official date thats ever been given, and fits in with all meat's promo schedule. We're all hoping its April sometime but be prepared for May 5th.At least its 2 days before my 22nd Birthday!!

02 Apr 2003, 18:55
The album is out in Germany already, but I think from the accounts I have read, its available from the 7th in the UK... we'll see though....

You could order it from Amazon.de and have them ship if you can't wait of course :)

03 Apr 2003, 10:25
Ah Alex, that was really great. :D

05 Apr 2003, 01:02
Well, I did offer to get people copies, but nobody listened...

05 Apr 2003, 22:24
Hi I just want to say what a fantastic site this is although i am not a member yet. I have loved Meat Loafs music since i was born and now 16 years on i still love his music. :D
I have followed CHSIB on the internet since it was named "Funhouse", "Testify" and now "Couldn't have said it better" I am just really frustrated that i don't have my copy yet. It has been on order at Amazon UK since the 6th of March and i was expecting it on 1st,2nd April. But now i have had emails saying that it has been delayed until the 14/04/03 and now the 21/04/03 :twisted: WHEN IS IT COMING OUT!!!!
I don't think i can wait much longer no one seems to now the official date why can't Meat Loaf just confirm when the UK release date is???????
PLEASE SOMEONE HELP i need the new ALBUM PLEASE i don't want to be "Left in the dark" any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07 Apr 2003, 00:07
Anyone else catch this? Meat was on Virgin Radio this evening for an hour talking to DJ Ben Jones. He confirmed that "CHSIB" (the album) will be released in the UK on 5th May. I know right now it's not much consolation to everyone waiting for their copy but it's worth every second of the wait. You won't be disappointed. It's a stunning album!
3 songs from "CHSIB" were played - "CHSIB", "Man Of Steel" and "Testify".

07 Apr 2003, 07:38
I also heard it, but that show was pre-recorded. So I don't know how many times the dates have changed since. Think a few times.

Great day to you,


07 Apr 2003, 16:55
I also heard it, but that show was pre-recorded. So I don't know how many times the dates have changed since. Think a few times.

Great day to you,


Right you are Mariella :)