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20 Dec 2001, 09:16
Hi all,
I just bought the cd of the Night of the Proms. It is great, unfortunatly it only contains one Meat song, Home by now/no Matter what.
It is a live version and I must say that Kasim did a great job in mixing it.
I wish you al a rocky x-mas and a happy horror New Year
and lets do the timewarp again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings Timewarp.nl

22 Dec 2001, 19:38
The CD has Home By Now LIVE??? Oh my god!!! Everyone who comes to MLUKFC Chat will know that I am now about to collapse!!! I feel a purchase coming on...!


26 Dec 2001, 22:37
I must warn you that there are different versions of the cd, in each country a different one. So look closely to get the good version. I have the Dutch one