View Full Version : Help with amazon.de

Juan Llanos
29 Mar 2003, 18:46
I'm from Spain and until 5th may CHSIB is not going to be released hear... so I'm trying to buy it in amazon.de but I have problems with my german... I don't know nothing... :lol:

Can anyone tell me in english (or better in spanish) how to register and if the prices had all the taxes and the postage and handling.

Another thing I see that there are two versions, one with 2 cd's and other
with only one, but both with the same prices I don't understand.


30 Mar 2003, 22:42
From what I've heard, Amazon.de has the same layout as the other Amazons, so it is probably a safe bet to use the other Amazons as a guide.

There is also English help available. If you go to Amazon.de, click on Hilfe in the top right corner, then scroll down to "Information for English-speaking customers", you will find some info that will hopefully be enough to get you through the ordering process.

You could also try finding one of those internet translation things, and put every page through it to get an English (or Spanish) translation.