View Full Version : Large Meat Loaf Collection for Sale

16 Sep 2006, 23:29
I have a whole collection of Meat Loaf VCR tapes, CD’s, CD singles, LP’s, 45’s, cassettes, fan club pictures of Meat Loaf, fan club newsletters 1990’s, meat loaf wall clock, homemade book of interviews and newspaper articles, some bootlegs, ect. Some items in my collection are imports from Germany, Japan, etc,. I started this collection 1978 so I have many originals.

I Would like to sell the whole collection will give a better price if you buy the whole collection but will part if out if interested let me know and you can I can send you and itemized list, if you are interested, I will be starting to make a list tomorrow of the whole collection for anyone that is interested. I would like $300.00 or best offer for over 28 years of my collection.

I would not be selling this collection but need money for doctor bills very badly, Please PM me with any questions. I don't know how to ship over sea's or the cost or rules so probably selling to someone in the us would work out best for me.


18 Sep 2006, 01:45
Hiya m8, need a list of what you've got but I'm interested.

18 Sep 2006, 22:59
Hi, I am in a cast so it is hard to get to my stuff right now but my daughter is going to help me tomorrow as soon as I get an itemized list I will send it to you. I have had to have it packed up since I moved several months ago so I am not sure what I still have as I gave some of my Meat loaf collection to my daughter as she is a big fan also.

So will email you a list by Monday. Thanks for PM me.