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22 Aug 2006, 19:52
Inspired by this thread (http://www.mlukfc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7682).
Please note that we simply ask you to post your content with having these guidelines in mind. We also ask you to treat other community members with respect and to follow these guidelines everywhere in the online Meat Loaf land.


Hotlinking - using an image that is hosted on another website other than your own. Please, when using images in a post that are not hosted in your own space nor uploaded by yourself, please check with the website's terms of use regarding use of their images, and if permission to do so is required, please get it. Hotlinking is considered bad netiquette and referred to as bandwidth theft, as doing this increases their site operating costs as the image is continually downloaded by another site's display.

Giving Credit for Media Used
If you use any media from someone else's site (or any other content), credit (with link) is the proper etiquette. They put their time into collecting, scanning, modifying, designing, getting screen caps, etc., which saves you time, so this isn't unreasonable.

Note: Make sure you take note of any site's specific requirements before taking images or any other files/content! Some may have a "want, take, have" policy, while others may require that you ask permission first, and still others may forbid the use of their stuff at all, either because it's copyrighted or because they just don't want to share. Respect their wishes! If you can't find their stance on this on their site, send them an email and ask!

mlukfc.com specific

Please use the Search (http://www.mlukfc.com/forums/search.php) feature. If you are looking for an answer to a question or a solution to a problem, there is a good chance it has been asked and answered already.
Use the "Report this post" feature if you find a post that you feel breaks any of the forum rules (http://www.mlukfc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3252). A notification will then be sent via email to the forum moderators.
We ask you to write a clear, concise and informative thread title. A clear and understandable thread title helps other users find information that they are looking for or are interested in. Additionally, a well written thread titles do make the search (http://www.mlukfc.com/forums/search.php) feature even more effective.