View Full Version : Stage 1 CZE:GHA

17 Jun 2006, 20:50
0:2 :!: :!:

17 Jun 2006, 21:07
I shoulda done that bet!:)):evil::))

18 Jun 2006, 04:39
Great game by the Ghanians or whatever they're called.

I think all the African teams are displaying some extremely good football and I'd like to see at least one make it throught to the next round, maybe the Quarters, possibly the Semi's :shock:

Pud :twisted:

18 Jun 2006, 09:04
Yeah, i think the Ghanaian's completely outclassed the czech republic, though the Ghana penalty miss i thought would cost them, but it didn't. Only thing they'll hafta watch is the ammount of yellow cards shown. Quite surprised that the Czech rep. were such a walkover for them.