View Full Version : Stage 1 NED- ivory coast

17 Jun 2006, 10:56
yeehaa Ned won..but what a lousy game:|

2-1 if they want more they have to play way better next rounds:roll:

17 Jun 2006, 12:06
I was hoping Ivory Coast at least drew this game as they worked hard and produced some excellent football, I was very impressed with them. The Netherlands did well and were lucky to get the 3 points, but they need to step up a gear or two for the knock out stages.

Pud :twisted:

17 Jun 2006, 12:07
The first 45 minutes it was a good game, second half it was eum well what the dutch team suffers from: we are winning so lets go to sleep!!! So second round it wil be bye bye...:(