View Full Version : Meat on tour with "The Nokia Night Of The Proms" in Germany

11 Nov 2001, 06:02
Hallo there,
Meat Loaf is in Germany!
Im so happy, that I sea him in Dortmund on December.14.2001!
"The Nokia Night Of The Proms" is every year and this year is Meat Loaf, C.De Burgh and J. Miles here!

All the best
From Germany

11 Nov 2001, 16:14
I am also going to the night of the proms on the 21 and the 29 of november here in Holland.
Thanx to this site I 've learned that Meat joined this years night of the proms well in advance .
I also read some revieuws of the shows in Belgium and Meat is in top shape

Greetz Timewarp