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08 Jun 2006, 22:40
09.06.2006 Munich

09 Jun 2006, 19:06

09 Jun 2006, 19:07

can't wait darling...;)

09 Jun 2006, 20:39
Jesus H Christ, despite the 3 goals they have now, they won't have any chance against a decent team with that defense. :wtf:

09 Jun 2006, 21:02
A very lucky 4:2 :tard:

09 Jun 2006, 21:17
A very lucky 4:2 :tard:

Hey, BE HAPPY!!!
We WON!!!
And it was a GOOD match!
The defence wasnīt that good, but thatīs our well known problem.
Roll on Wednesday!
(Germany vs. Poland, Live from Dortmund, 7pm GMT)

Finale Oh Ooh,
Finale Ohoh Ooh!

Berlin, Berlin, Wir fahren nach Berlin!

09 Jun 2006, 23:38
First German goal was excellent
Costa Rica's first i thought was questionably offside
As was Germany's second
Missed the third German one
Where was the defence for Coata Rica's second????
Excellent goal for Germany's fourth.

All in all, quite an enjoyable game - good for the unbiased - Germany will have to improve defence wise. Costa Rica made a game out of it - shall be interesting to see how they get on

10 Jun 2006, 00:01
First German goal was excellent
Excellent goal for Germany's fourth.
Germany will have to improve defence wise. All true, I'm not sure about the offsides though. :))

10 Jun 2006, 00:04
Yeah, the first goal was IMO the best.
The second Costaricanian(īs that a word?) goal was offside. But, what the hell!
"The Kaiser" Franz Beckenbauer said afterwards:
"A missing defence is nothing bad as long as there is one more goal scored by you than by the others"
Wise words from a wise man

I think nobody expected CRC as such a good team!