View Full Version : new album = more opportunities for fans!!!

05 Mar 2003, 20:56
Everyone is excited (more than) that the eventual release of a new meat Album...It's been way toooooo long but anyway,

Not only comes this new album but with it comes more opportunities for more Meat, if your reading Meat here are some ideas which could come about now that you've a new album

we've 11 songs on the album - and a few omitted ones - so along withthe new album comes new single releases and like DIST i hope you'll include some of these ommited ones on the CD, like Decadent Wish.

Also, you have been up to a lot of stuff that hasn't been released, for example now with these new singles you could release new live versions for example - Night of The Prom tracks, and how about some tracks of the Cologne concert with your singles, even better how about releasing this concert on DVD, It was greta to get the wercome to the neighbour hood concert at the beacon shown on TV (channel 4 here on the UK) Perhaps they will by the Cologne show!!

What im tryin to say id when CHSIB the single is released, how about the track listing or something similar to.....

1. CHSIB (Radio Edit)
2. CHSIB (album Version)
3. Anything For Love (Live night of the proms)!!!!!! please!!!!
4. Shadowland or something or DIST Live in Cologne