View Full Version : His favorite song?

29 Jan 2006, 23:11
Back in 1999, Meat did a radio 2 show at christmas.

During the show he played what he said was his favorite song.

The song was 'Drift away'.

Does anyone know if this is still the case and if so why doesn't he do a version of it? I think he'd do a very good job of it.

29 Jan 2006, 23:45
Beautiful song and vocals. Maybe Meat hasn't covered it because he loves the song just fine as it is and feels it belongs to Dobie Gray.

Can't help agreeing with you though that it would be great to hear Meat's version! ;)


01 Feb 2006, 21:35
In a lot of interviews that I've read Meat's given a lot of different songs as his favourite's, from old town classics to a Janet Joppling song (though I don't recall which) but obviously people's favourite songs change over time- mine is almost always a Meat Loaf song but one week it'll be AFL and the next it'll be Surf's Up, I'm sure Meat and a lot of other people are the same. After all how many people have had the same favourite song all their lives?

02 Feb 2006, 12:10
What's Meat's favourite song that HE's recorded? Obviously he might say something from Bat, but that aside... it would be interesting to know

02 Feb 2006, 12:11
He would say For crying out loud.