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White of High
10 Feb 2003, 18:32
Let's Go to Rock 'n' Roll!!!!!!

Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire) (8)

I know this song is the favourite of certain people but the story isn't so powerfuly to me. But I couldn't compose it better too! :D
I think the story is a small "I'd Do Anything For Love" but it is malicious. When Jim was singing it on Bad For Good I take a question: Are you a Jiggolo? :lol: (Cause I can't believe it about Meat Loaf)

I pity the girl!

My score: 8

Average: 9.78 (88/9)

10 Feb 2003, 20:01
I love this one! It is like all the other great songs on BOOH2. My favorite line on this song is: "And all around the city, you see the walking wounded and the living dead"! It could be also a line from a dark horror song. But OOTFP isn't a horror song. It is about a very hot summers day and Meat is sitting in the room at the top and is waiting for his summer dream and the answers to every prayer he said. He is waiting for a girl! And Meat is begging her to come in, while the sun is just a ball of desire.

Okay, that's enough. :lol:


10 Feb 2003, 20:39
I personally LOVE this song and it's possibly my second favourite song on BOOH2 (Behind "Objects...") as it is just incredible. The piano, and the basic build up is great. Even the repeated lyrics (you'd have thought Jim could've written a new verse in 21 years...like for "rock and roll dreams") don't take away from this song. One of Meat's ultimate sing along songs also.

Simply sublime. 10/10

Michael Marxen
10 Feb 2003, 22:40
Out Of The Frying Pan...

is the one of a million songs to me!
It`s pure SteinMeatmusic: melodic, bombastic and it rocks!

For so many years it was the perfect opener of Meats concerts.
He added that great "i wanna take you..." part to the live version.
Hope someday it returns into the setlist!

11/10 !!!!!

11 Feb 2003, 05:36
Fantastic song :D (like nearly every Meat Loaf song)


11 Feb 2003, 08:45
The song of the songs!!! Never will there be written any song that can compare with this song!

The album version is really great, but live.....wow, that rocks!! Powerfull, great, super lyrics and even beter music!


11 Feb 2003, 12:59
well, the album version is still a little bit disappointing to me. Not powerfull enough. His voice sounds to far away or something like that and is not loud enough. Same story with Good Girls..
The Live version is superb!! That's how it's meant to be!!!! it really rocks!

11 Feb 2003, 18:52
The best rockin' song on this album. The album version isn't as powerfull as the live version. Live the song it at his best. I've heard Live versions from 1988 to 1994. Al of them are powefull and great!

My Score: 9

The Flying Mouse
28 Feb 2003, 14:57
:twisted: Great rocking song,although not my favorite from the album.
A very simple story.A very hot opresive day.He's very bored then he see's a woman outside who looks as fed up as himself.So he thinks hmm I know how we could feel a bit better :twisted: .
I find the title funny.You think it's hot out there?It's even hotter in here :lol: .
9/10 A ball of desire.

17 Sep 2003, 11:10
Yet another of the BFG songs that had to be done by Meat. It was and it was great, of course.
10/10 +

28 Dec 2003, 16:21
I personally LOVE this song and it's possibly my second favourite song on BOOH2 (Behind "Objects...") as it is just incredible. The piano, and the basic build up is great. Even the repeated lyrics (you'd have thought Jim could've written a new verse in 21 years...like for "rock and roll dreams") don't take away from this song. One of Meat's ultimate sing along songs also.

Simply sublime. 10/10

Have to agree. Love it! Favorite on Bat II equal to "Objects..."
This ain't a love song... this is a SEX song! :oops:

10/10 album version
11/10 live! the "I wanna take you" part (quoting Michael Marxen) is Heaven!

28 Dec 2003, 16:54
I like the way you rate songs, LS!
Couldn't agree more :lol:




02 Jan 2004, 15:12
I still dont understand why Jim put it this way on bat2. it is just awfull.
the opening with the guitar is great. than the piano. its great too. Than the smashes. Its great too. And than the bad parts are starting. It is just not rocking after the smashes, like the BFG-version or Meat's live versions. And Meat is singing it a little bit flat if that's the correct word. I think Meat feels the same way abbout it, cause live it is a much different song. the way it should be.

02 Jan 2004, 15:23
I agree with Bart. Live it is one of Meat's best songs. The album version isn't so great.

02 Jan 2004, 18:11
Love it love it love it

On the album it's superb, a different higher level to the Bad For Good version (which I also think is awesome).

Live it just ROCKS - If I could play the guitar this would be one that I would certainly learn the tabs for!!

It's very hard for me to be objective with the vast majority of Jimmys songs, so this one gets a 10/10 from me.

Rob The Badger
02 Jan 2004, 20:30
Hmm, one song I can never quite get to grips with. . .it's competant Steinman, but not great Steinman. I just don't think it's on par with Everything Louder or Rock And Roll Dreams. I'll give it 7/10.

06 Jan 2004, 10:32
The music is really amazing. The vocals are amazing, and I really like the lyrics. I see some humor in this song. I also see romance in it as well. I picture bright sunny summer street. Somebody wants somebody, and he wants them now! :lol: I personally don't mind the verse being repeated, because the music and that one verse just totally sets the scene, and you couldn't have it any more detailed enough. 10\10 Personally I am glad Meat didn't do "Bad For Good." Because, the music on Bat 2 is better. More magical and healing. Also, it gives us an insight on how Steinman sings, I heard some songs from BFG, and they are pretty impressive!

Have you ever heard the japanese version of this song? I personally like it, I have it on MP3 format on my computer. If you want a copy PM me, and we could send it through yahoo or msn or something :) . It is a female voice, and the only part that is english is the chorus, and the "Come on" 's in the part of the song where they go, "Come on and there will be no turning back......." I would rate this an 8.5\10. My friend Meredith, would certainly like this song where she likes japanese music and art.

14 Jan 2004, 00:10
In My Opinion the original version on Bad for good is still the best, great music and a sublime intro
on BOH2 it's my least favorite song, the music just doesn't get me
when meat's sings it live its's much better

for the version on BFG 8,5
For BOH2 6,5
Live 7,5

27 Jan 2004, 04:41
Steinman recycled the opening bars for his rare 1985 demo "A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste" (NOT the one you're thinking of, but another song altogether but with the same title). I don't mind this song, actually, but I hate songs that rhyme "fire" with "desire", so it drags it down. 9/10.
Meat's version is very subtle compaired to Jim's.

meat loaf is my god
28 Jan 2004, 20:28
this is the best song meat has ever sung its my second best after evrything louder the evry thing else the live virsion is just brill :D

06 Feb 2004, 00:53
but I hate songs that rhyme "fire" with "desire"

I know exactly what you mean, I wish they'd come up with something original, instead of ripping off what's been written before!

A yearning so dreadful to fill
But it's still the brightest desire
A cold, fleeting, ravaging chill
Someone set our bodies on fire!


06 Feb 2004, 09:29
Where the HELL did you get that from? That is so terrible it's not funny. Whoever wrote that has a total lack of imagination and should be shot. Fire / desire is a very poor rhyme indeed. I may have used it some time (in my career) but I have since excised those rhymes with decent alternates - long before Pudding supported me in my crusade against lame rhymes. Anywayz, that's that. Let's be moving on...

08 Jul 2006, 10:38
Just great!
cant say more!
The only thing that may be a little annoying is that he sings the same verses two times, a second verse would´ve been better IMO.

08 Jul 2006, 11:44

Love the album version, but just love it live!! It is a true Meat classic!!


Mick Loaf
08 Jul 2006, 14:18
Amazing, great song for driving though it can cause speeding.
10 out of (the frying pan) 10

10 Jul 2006, 09:25
it can cause speeding

Every song he's ever recorded has that effect on me... lol

10 Jul 2006, 17:34
Not my absolute favorite...love it when ML rocks...but this is just...don't know...doesn't affect me that much.

That said...it's pretty upbeat to discount just like that...


10 Jul 2006, 20:12
I love this song - only Jim could have come up with such a ridiculous but fab title, and only Meat could have made it rock. Amazing imagery is conjured up by this song (wandering down the ancient hallway) and it's great fun to sing along to too. There is also a SUPERB live version on the MSO DVD.


Evil One
23 Jan 2007, 22:16
7. Needs to be a bit rockier.

24 Jan 2007, 15:09
Album version = 8

MSO version = 10

Live around the world version = 7

Other versions from 1988 - present = 10

All of the versions are great, Melburne's is the best, though.

Chorus is catchy, but hard ta sing :(

10/10 overall - one of my favs (top 2 actually)

24 Jan 2007, 15:32
absolutely love it :D:D
one of my very faves :D:D


25 Jan 2007, 20:17
This is one of my favourte all time Meat Loaf song.

White of High
28 Jan 2007, 21:37
Average: 9.36 (234/25)

26 Feb 2007, 01:16
This is my NO. 1 Meat Loaf song. He sang it as album at RAH and it was fantastic! I don't know why but I love this song, maybe because it pushes his vocals to the limit, where they are beyond others!

26 Feb 2007, 06:14
mine and the wife song :lol:

duke knooby
14 Apr 2007, 19:44
top tune 9.5

11 Feb 2008, 23:26


15 Feb 2008, 18:54
It's one of my absolute favourites too. It comes with its own virtual video for me and i love the lyrics..and the melody..and the voice..
Just wonderful. 15 out of 10

16 Feb 2008, 15:12
Lyrics and melody are top-notch Steinman, the voice is "brighter than it's ever been", but something sounds too clinical, too programmed about it. On the instrumental end (and length-wise), I prefer Jim's, which is noisy bouncy rock and roll and not Bova Bova Bova, but Meat's has the better vocal.

8.5 / 10

16 Feb 2008, 18:17
One of my favorites. 9.5/10

18 Feb 2008, 15:54
love it 10/10

18 Feb 2008, 18:31
The blood is pumping faster through my veins when I hear that song. It`s so pushing, mind-breaking and powerful.

The greatest song of ML`s great songs. :)

19 Feb 2008, 22:08
Welcome To The Neighbourhood Bekikaze :cool:.

I agree totally, such an exciting song and so great live :heart:.

19 Feb 2008, 22:14
It's the song that stood out for me at Wembley and i've loved it ever since