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30 Dec 2005, 03:03
Just a question, what films besides RHPS and Fight Club has Meat done that's been put on the big screen?

I'm not being critical but curious, in the fact that Meat has said in the past that he's in a position to choose whatever films he wants, yet most of what he chooses ends up going direct to video/dvd. Which would indicate to me, he's taking what he can when he can and not what he wants when he wants.

Pud :twisted:

30 Dec 2005, 04:33
Here you go Pud.. oldest to newest films to reach theatres.

Rocky Horror *
Scavenger Hunt
The Squeeze
Wayne's World
The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag
Leap of Faith
Spice World
The Mighty
Everything That Rises (tv) *
Outside Ozona
Crazy in Alabama*
Trapped (tv)*
Focus* (IMHO, Meat's best serious acting so far)
The 51st State
The Salton Sea
BloodRayne (2006)
Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny (2006)

still possiablities...
Crazy Love
Chasing Ghosts
The Pleasure Drivers

Films with a * beside them, are my personal favs so far.

IMHO, I don't think Meat does movies mainly for the money, he does films that interest him in some way. Like "A Hole In One" for instance... the subject matter of "lobotomies" is intriguing in itself and the film gives the viewer lots to think about, which doesn't always play well to the average "fluff" type movie goer, who don't want to "think" about anything deep, just escape into some mindlessly simple film for a couple hrs. where as AHIO gives you something to think about during and afterwards.


30 Dec 2005, 04:40
:oops: forgot "Fight Club" * (only for Meat's character)


30 Dec 2005, 04:49
Bloodrayne is supposed to hit the theaters on Jan 6, 2006.
I'm waiting patiently ;)

30 Dec 2005, 05:05
Ahhh Thanks.

I can now remember Wayne's World, Leap Of Faith and Spice World (although I never watched it) being on at the cinema, but the rest apart from what I stated earlier, I can't. Mind you, there's a lot of films that get released in the States in cinema's that don't get released in the UK and even less likely in NZ.

I'm looking forward to Bloodrayne, Tenacious D I'll give a miss and I'm still on the hunt for Focus and Crazy In Alabama.

Pud :twisted:

31 Dec 2005, 03:21
You're welcome, Pud.


31 Dec 2005, 11:47
You might say the majority of Meat's films may have been released at the cinema in the US. Now if these films did bad at the box office in USA, they would or might have been straight to DVD (or video) in other countries, so it's hard to say really. :D