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14 Dec 2005, 22:45
Hi Fireball,
You said that Jim was "too sick" to be in the recording studio for the Bat III recordings, therefore you got in a new producer.
We now know that Jim is not actually too sick, seeing as he's working with Jeff Bova, Steve Margoshes etc on new Dream Engine album and live shows etc.

Were you mistaken in your original comment about Jim?


14 Dec 2005, 23:08
It's actually Steve Rinkoff and not Jeff Bova on the Dream Engine project ;)

Pud :twisted:

14 Dec 2005, 23:13
Oops, slip of the fingers. I'll edit my post if you edit yours? ;)

19 Dec 2005, 12:34
Something's going on, but I doubt we'll ever really know the truth!

Louise x

19 Dec 2005, 12:42
There is probably nothing going on. The internet is blowing things up. And on some places on the internet people are trying to brainwash other people and they obviously succeed.

19 Dec 2005, 13:06
This has been discussed in several similar threads.
At first: yes, this message of Stefen Rinkoff was really confusing.

Believe me, if there is anything at all, Meat would like to share, he knows how to do that!
But; he is also fully entitled not to do so! Something called privacy....??
The discussion about that matter (sharing or not) being right or wrong is one without an end though..... which leads into what Bart mentions: things will be blown up...

19 Dec 2005, 21:36
Surely there's nothing wrong with discussing it though, this is after all a forum. No one is going to be 100% wrong and no one is going to be 100% right, not even Bart. Yes, things will be said by people and said with passion at times, which rightly or wrongly will result in a thread being locked. But if we all had the same opinion, things would get very boring, very quickly.

Pud :twisted:

19 Dec 2005, 21:52
I agree with that, Pud...the freedom to speak your mind is a high one in my book too, and it would be quite boring from here to September or so when the album is released without Any talk about this (this is the part I thank you for lol)

But my concern is, people who are not online often might be overwhelmed if they are being told 'they are wrong in their beliefs' by a regular here...and do not understand that is not The Truth - but just the perspective of that regular...at some point in time, I could do the very same thing I am now warning against...I just want to point out there are more people than just regulars reading this...and this is not inviting them to join in on the conversation.

No right - no wrongs however seems like just the place to go - Cheers!


19 Dec 2005, 21:58
I think debate will be highly welcome.

It is when people start to attack the people posting rather than the points being made that things start on the slippery slope.

Personally I am looking forward to some very interesting debates in the run up to the new album.

06 Jan 2006, 11:57
The silence is very telling I think...

08 Jan 2006, 12:43
Not really - the last I heard from Fireball was that certain members abused him too much so he doesn't come back here any more. That's a while back now so I could be wrong, but I think that's right...

08 Jan 2006, 20:00
If you click on 'Members List' above and find his name, you'll see he last visited 26th December. I actually was online the same time as him and checked to see what forums he was viewing and he wasn't. He was pretty much 'viewing private messages' the whole time.

Pud :twisted: