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30 Nov 2005, 15:04
I was watching Armagedon for the first time the other night- its a Michael Bay film and I noticed towards the end, when the asteroid has been blown up (sorry for spoiling the ending for anyone who hasn't seen it) that Michael Bay has taken a little inspiration from his Objects music video, with a man standing on a platform with his hands to sky- exactly like the character is doing in the Objects video when the plane flies overhead, and also there's a few kids racing box-cars, like at the beginning on the Objects music video when the character is a boy, just though u'd all like to know. BTW how good would it be if Meat done a cover of 'I don't wanna miss a thing'- i think he'd be perfect for singing it, Steve Tyler did do an excellent job tho.

30 Nov 2005, 15:09
You should watch "Pearl Harbour", very much like Objects, more so than Armageddon I'd say. Still you can see the visual references clearly.... (However Bay's mistake was that crop dusting didn't exist in the late twenties - opening scenes - !)
Song in "Pearl Harbour" was certainly not as good as "miss a thing" if you ask me...

30 Nov 2005, 19:04
I saw the similarity between the films and the 'object's vid too.
Also Celine Dion 'its all coming back to me now' vid.

30 Nov 2005, 20:19
I'm sure in Armageddon you get a glimpse of the airfield where the video for Objects was filmed. I think it's called Hartlee or something, the main hangar is definitely there, but I can't remember at what point in the movie it's seen.

30 Nov 2005, 22:38
You know the movie... Beauty and the Beast?? ... i see the remarks with I'd Do Anything videoclip :lmao:

Just fooling around... but don't think that the video and movie have antything at all to do with each other. Then you can find in every movie a part from a ML vid.

30 Nov 2005, 23:06
Actually now you've pointed it out, i can see it!! I love the objects video its really good!!!