View Full Version : Pearl's album

12 Nov 2005, 12:40
Has anyone got Pearl's album? What do you think about it?

I like Whore and the last track can't remember it's name right now.

12 Nov 2005, 12:44
I have (Thanx to you lol)

I love Whore on it and that you can actually hear the words :D

12 Nov 2005, 14:24
When I first bought it, i thought it was mediocre....a lot of potential.....but just recently I've been playing it more and more and I really like it now! I bet she's better live! :-)!

12 Nov 2005, 21:25
I think Pearl is a good singer but after listening to the soundclips that were on offer on her website, it didn't inspire to go and buy the album. The songs in my opinion are very mediocre at best.

Pud :twisted: