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Space Monkey
02 Nov 2005, 17:05
I'm looking on Amazon for this album, and in the 'Customer Reviews' section there are the following descriptions:

" have just received a my order of this video from someone selling it on Amazon, and I LOVE it. It's great to see him really give his heart and soul in the great songs from Bat Out Of Hell 2. The videos are great and the live performances featured on this video are fantastic!!!! A must for any Meat Loaf fan!!!!!!!"

"this video is a must have for any one who thinks that they are a meat loaf fan. this video has all the music videos to the smash hit album bat out of hell 2 back in to hell, along with rare live performances of paradise by the dash board light, life is a lemon and the number one smash i'd do any thing for love. Included along with the video are exclusive interviews with meat loaf, jim stienman and director micheal bay. this video is sixty minutes of white hot rock and when wathching the music video to id do any thing for love you will see why he got to number one in 1993."

Surely they're talking about the Bat 2: Picture Show video from '94? Was this ever released with the Classic Albums DVD?


02 Nov 2005, 17:24
Hmmmm...they released Classic Albums originally with their own cover, it was white iwth their logo on and the BOOH cover printed on it, then I think they released it again with BOOH as the whole cover instead of the white, but I had no idea any CD's were with it - certainly not Bat II anyways?!!!

With the combination of live performances and music videos it sounds to me as though they're talking Picture Show..perhaps a slip up by Amazon?

Space Monkey
02 Nov 2005, 17:32
In fairness to amazon it does say "this text refers to an out of print version of this product" but I just wondered if this meant that the Bat 2: Picture Show songs had been released on DVD too - maybe as a special edition or something.

02 Nov 2005, 18:44
i don't think bat 2: the picture show has ever been relesed on dvd

02 Nov 2005, 20:12
Well... i've got it on DVD, but it is a copy from the VHS tape, which i also have haha..

03 Nov 2005, 13:47
i ment officially

04 Nov 2005, 00:40
Sadly there's no official DVD of the Bat II Picture Show.


04 Nov 2005, 16:12
i know i wish there was

04 Nov 2005, 18:42
well.. indeed it is a bit strange that there isn't. But on the other hand... some other good ML stuff is also not on (legal) cd or dvd.