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03 Feb 2003, 13:52
Rare Songs: Lady Be Mine

I love the country touch on this one! The rythm and sound remembers me to a few songs of Mudcrutch (Tom Petty's band before The Heartbreakers). Perhaps this is a very important reason, because I'm a big fan of Tom Petty! Now back to "Lady Be Mine". I think, it is one of the best songs on the album. The rating is not easy, but I'll give it an 8!


04 Feb 2003, 16:09
Nice blues touch with an excellent harmonica solo. Some of the best music on the album, although the lyrics are very simple. I like this song!
I read that the Stevie Wonder played on one of the S&M songs, could that be him playing the harmonica? That is a special instrument for him?


04 Feb 2003, 22:14
I am sorry to say but for me this is nothing more than a very average song. I have tried so hard to like it more but despite playing it countless times over the years I still cannot get enthusiastic about it.


White of High
06 Feb 2003, 14:33
I agree with Puritan!
The melody isn't carry. Too simple to me...

My score: 4

28 Feb 2003, 12:05
Great song. NIce rhytm, fits just well on the album, a bit gospel like.


The Flying Mouse
12 Mar 2003, 15:55
:twisted: An average song.

White of High
29 Jan 2007, 20:38
Average: 6.00 (36/6)