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Lisa Mobus
03 Feb 2003, 06:06
I'm new to the board, but a longtime fan of Paul Crook (guitar in NE). If anyone would like more info on Paul, check out the following linkage:

http://www.gothamzone.com/crook (Paul's official site, including new WETTEN DASS pix)
http://www.gothamzone.com (Paul's band GOTHAM)
http://www.yahoogroups.com/group/GothamFans (Gotham Fans Mailing List)


03 Feb 2003, 22:01
The first site I saw. There was a beautiful picture of Pearl on it.

The other pictures are also great.

His first performanca I didn't like, because he was very annoying. Maybe I will get used to it in the future. And maybe he plays guitar very well, but there I don't have an opinion about yet!