View Full Version : Rare Bat 2 CD in tyre box for sale

18 Oct 2005, 10:39
I have a rare limited edition CD of Bat Out of Hell II for sale. It was limited to 5000 worldwide and comes in a motorcycle tyre-shaped plastic box with a 6 and a half inch square colour booklet. It is in excellent condition. If you are interested please PM me with an offer. I will reply to all PMs and keep everyone who is interested updated on the offers received. The reason I can offer this for sale is that I have 2 copies, so I will keep hold of one for myself. There's no way I would sell my only copy as it's such a great item! The box is still factory sealed, making it even more rare.

09 Nov 2005, 15:32
Did you sell this item ? If not please let me know best offer and I will consider.



21 Nov 2005, 22:33
Can you PM me Lesley and I'll let you know more about the DVD. Thanks