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30 Jan 2003, 16:25
Rare Songs: Sunshine

WOW!!! That song rulez! It's the best piece on the album. I love it!! Once I said that "Kiss Me Again" is the best song on Meat Loaf & Stoney, but that isn't so. I think "Sunshine" is even better and the best song. The piano sounds superb and the whole song has a wonderful melody. It's so bombastic!!


31 Jan 2003, 00:03
A beautiful song, sort of sad :cry:

Vocally perfect and lyrically good. I really like this song, it is very nice.


31 Jan 2003, 01:17
A sad song performed very well by both Meat and Stoney. One of the hidden gems on this album. I give it 8/10

White of High
31 Jan 2003, 16:11
Sunshine! Isn't it a Hair song? :)
At beginning the piano is very nice, but it isn't more...
Sorry, I don't really like Hair!

My score: 5

31 Jan 2003, 18:25
No the song isn't from Hair - non of the tracks from Stoney and Meat Loaf are from Hair. I know this because the people who wrote the musical Hair aren't writers for the album.

31 Jan 2003, 22:16
There was a piece of music in Hair entitled "Let The Sunshine In". Perhaps that is what you are thinking of? This song, as Meatles points out is nothing to do with Hair.

A note from Ralph Terrana, one of the co-writers reproduced with permission:

"The song was originally written...Sunshine...where are you going...
Then one afternoon at my house with co-writer the late Mike Valvano, we observed my young 4 year old daughter playing in her sand box in the back yard. Mike came up with the concept. I was a little reluctant at first. After all...this was MY daughter. But we ended up writing those lyrics that day. I to this day wish I would have stuck with my original concept for the song. I think it would have worked better.

An interesting side note. Stoney was pregnant while we were doing her
vocals on Sunshine and it became a very emotional thing for her trying to do these vocals. Due to the rather morbid nature of a child dying, she would generally break down and cry during the sessions. Like I mentioned I had my own problems with the song because the lyrics stemmed from observing my daughter at play."

01 Feb 2003, 00:02
A beautiful song, sort of sad :cry:

Vocally perfect and lyrically good. I really like this song, it is very nice.


Yes, the song is very sad. And I think Meat is good with singing sad songs (f.e. "Objects"). He takes part with the lyrics and the sad melody is creeping under your skin.

The Flying Mouse
11 Mar 2003, 19:04
:twisted: One of favorite songs from the Stoney cuts.
I really like the piano intro.
The music is very sad and the vocals are very emotional.
It's a song,I think,sung at the moment of realisation of their loss.
8/10 Heaven.

White of High
29 Jan 2007, 20:19
Average: 7.60 (38/5)