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25 Sep 2005, 21:56
Found this in my inbox and thought this might interest you:hi iam rick bozzo former bassist for meatloaf soul popcorn blizzard paul sabu angel giuffria etc. please see my web-site www.rickbozzo.com and check out my photos and story of meat loaf and me. hope you enjoy it. thank you RICK BOZZO

25 Sep 2005, 23:08
Ohh my goodness! Those pics are amazing!!! Most of them I've never seen before!!!

What a brilliant site!

25 Sep 2005, 23:21
I think i've seen that site before...

26 Sep 2005, 20:19
Thanks for sharing that R,
Some great reading

26 Sep 2005, 22:25
Thats a brill site thanks for tht!!
Chloe :))