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11 Sep 2005, 11:32
I read in a book that Brian May had worked on "A Time For Hero's" with Meat for some charity single (I really can't remember if that bit true, but i'm sure it had something to do with charity), and I was just wondering what it was that Brian had worked on....lyrics, music, producing??

And also, where can I find it??

11 Sep 2005, 13:00
I found A Time For Heros on a Meat Loaf compilation album, which right now is in the car and I can't remember the name of it!!!! It's the one with Jim's versions of Frying Pan, R&R Dreams and Lost Boys...and also has Eddie's Teddy from RHPS - if that helps!!!

As far as I can remember, wasn't Heros done for the Olympics, or Paralympics or similar?

11 Sep 2005, 13:15
As far as I can remember, wasn't Heros done for the Olympics, or Paralympics or similar?

Yes, it was done 1987 for the Paralympics. It is a really great and powerful song which I love very much.


11 Sep 2005, 13:19
Ohh it's a great song, another favourite which unfortunately seems to be "hidden"

Juan Llanos
11 Sep 2005, 13:30
The album that Lucy said it's Back From Hell Again (The Very Best) Vol. 2 and this is the track list:

1. Out Of The Fryin Pan (And Into The Fire) *
2. Heroes (& Brian May)
3. Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through *
4. All Revved Up With No Place To Go
5. Razorīs Edge
6. For Crying Out Loud
7. Execution Day
8. Masculine
9. Lost Boys And Golden Girls *
10. Peel Out
11. Midnight At The Lost And Found
12. Bad Attitude
13. Everything Is Permitted
14. Eddie's Teddy

* Signed by Jim Steinman
(c) Sony Music, 1994, Germany

http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/6366/back2gr.th.jpg (http://img299.imageshack.us/my.php?image=back2gr.jpg)

11 Sep 2005, 14:32
That's the one! I'd never heard of it, I found it in a second hand record shop a few years ago

11 Sep 2005, 15:01
i dont suppose anyone has any idea were i could get this cd from??

11 Sep 2005, 15:26
i dont suppose anyone has any idea were i could get this cd from??

Sometimes it shows up in the German ebay. If you want I can watch it for you.

11 Sep 2005, 16:38
Paralympics, thats right!!

I wonder if you can download it... :??:

11 Sep 2005, 18:40
I'm sure it's floating around cyber space somewhere!! As I said, I picked mine up in a second hand records shop, I bought it purely because Heros was on it, never seen it anywhere else since

12 Sep 2005, 12:02
A Time for Heroes is also on Rock with the Stars (volume 2). I love this song and as Lucy said it's a shame it's been 'hidden'.


12 Sep 2005, 15:43
Check out the compilation CDs in your local record store if you're in the UK. You can find Heroes on the following, (and I'm sure there are more!):

100% Rock - 6 CD set
Rock Box - 3 CD set
Soft Rock - 5 CD set
Essential Rock - 3 CD set

Here's a pic of the original USA CD release (with the lyrics printed on the insert) and the Tangerine Dream instrumental version. It was also available on cassette, 12" and 7" vinyl ... though I've never seen a copy of the 7" anywhere.

http://img282.imageshack.us/img282/9797/atimeforheroesb1sc.jpg (http://imageshack.us)



13 Sep 2005, 11:14
What's the song like?

13 Sep 2005, 15:16
It's a very uplifting song Bart, the kind of thing you'd expect to hear at a major sporting event to get the adrenalin pumping.

I really like the lyrics:

http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/3913/atimeforheroeslyrics8ha.jpg (http://imageshack.us)


13 Sep 2005, 15:50
Why it hasn't been on single? Why it was not a hit?

13 Sep 2005, 16:16
Why it hasn't been on single? Why it was not a hit?
It was released as a single, (see my picture above), but if my memory is correct only as a limited edition in the Los Angeles area where the Summer Special Olympic Games 1987 took place. It was the official theme for the games. See Eva's picture for the promo single from Germany. It had no opportunity to be a hit due to the limitations of its availability which is a great shame.


13 Sep 2005, 17:20
he should release it once more:D

13 Sep 2005, 18:33
Just been looking at a cartoon feature called "Heroes Helping Heroes" which ran in an old Marvel comic. It's basically Meat asking for help to raise funds for the Special Olympians. All the Marvel Super Heroes .... Spiderman, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Batman, etc. ask how they can help and you're then directed to a coupon which gives details of sending for the Time For Heroes cassette or record. A portion of the proceeds was to be donated to the Special Olympics. The offer was only available within the USA and not only in the Los Angeles area as I previously posted.


14 Sep 2005, 08:08
I did not know this at all.
Who has written the song and Brain May is only playing the guitar?

14 Sep 2005, 10:04
Yeah i was wondering that as well. I have a feeling Brian would have co-wrote it, (co?)-produced it and most likely to have added guitar....but i'm probably wrong! LOL!!

14 Sep 2005, 11:09
Well you're right about the guitar Heli! :D Brian plays a short riff near the end of the song.

The music and lyrics are by M. Scott Sotebeer, Jon Lyons & Rik Emmett. Jon Lyons was the producer and he also composed the instrumental version for Tangerine Dream.