View Full Version : No "Meet and Greets"

21 Jun 2005, 13:18
I would like to say a few things on this matter, for 7 years the MLUKFC has loyally followed and supported Meat Loaf you guys and girls do a fantastic job, i really think this club is bigger than a Meet n Greet, yes it would be a bonus if this happened.

I was originally a member of the Meat Loaf club that went bust and i don't reallly want to go into that but anyway the new Meat Loaf .net when i asked them that i would like to join and get a platiumn package for a meet n greet at Ardgillan Castle they told me that there was no Meet n Greets at this venue which really was dissapointing if theres a platiumn package for a Meat Loaf tour it must include all venues surely ? To me this is extremley poor, whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander,

This MLUKFC has done more for me than any of those clubs out there they at least answer your e-mails and it is a great way of communicating with other fans , the membership is money well spent very well spent.

I even had a Meet n Greet lined up in Dublin Point Depot with the club but unfortunately Meat was not well at the time but they had arranged it, lets have a poll on this?

The committe in MLUKFC do a great job long may it continue !!!

21 Jun 2005, 17:23