View Full Version : anyone going to kasim's gig?

17 Jun 2005, 21:06
just wondered is anyone going to kasim's gig? i will be there

21 Jun 2005, 20:32
Well I know I'll be there, as it's just up the road it'd be a same to miss out wouldn't it?

21 Jun 2005, 20:34
I'll be there so Andy can buy me pints :hic:

22 Jun 2005, 18:11
will see you there then

05 Jul 2005, 01:38
Great show tonight ... 40 minutes of pure acoustic Kasim brilliance and then the audience inspired encores (no idea which rowdy crowd at the front ensured that happened).

Kasim admitted to the audience he was more nervous in the bar there than he had been in front of thousands at Harewood last night. But he soon warmed up and went down a storm with the hardcore following (both Meat and Tood/Utopia based) and with the other audience members who were there to see some of the other artists on the bill.

Set list as far as we can remember it is :

Sometimes Love Is A Dangerous Thing
Before She Was Gone
There Goes My Inspiration
This Must Be Love
Listen To The Pouring Rain (especially for manchester and Ireland)
(including It's Raining I'ts Pouring the old man is snoring interlude)
New Song **
Don't Hold Me Back

Encore 1: Bully

Encore 2: One World

** In Kasim's own words it has about 9 working titles at the moment so he's calling it New Song for now.


Keep Rocking
06 Jul 2005, 03:21

You can find more on my homepage:


06 Jul 2005, 11:01
Great pix Yvonne :D Much better than mine lol. it was really great to see you. The show was made so much better by sharing it with others who enjoyed it as well. We can all safely say we made Kasim very welcome and cheered enough for the whole of the UK Forum lol.

Glad you got home ok :-)