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13 Jan 2003, 23:02
Rare Songs: 2. Hello

Another song by the briefly successful local band "Popcorn Blizzard".

The song is typical 60's hippie music. Similiar to The Animals or The Who,
but in my opinion it is better. It has a mixed up beat with a tempo that goes all over the place, roaring guitars, powerful organ music all combined to create sixties metal. Although the lyrics aren't clear, and not powerful steinman style

Great vocal job by Meat though!


14 Jan 2003, 01:15
I have never liked Hello as much as Once Upon A Time. I agree with Meatles that it has that "Animals" sound - I liked a lot of their stuff but I am afraid this track is not one that is on my player very often. I have no idea what the song is about - other than the "chorus" if that is the right word for the "Oh what a happy day" bit I can't figure out the lyrics to make any sense of it.

What is interesting is that Meat's vocals are very distinctive - you cannot mistake that it is Meat Loaf even though it is ten years before Bat Out Of Hell. Great historical interest and a lot going on musically but for the song overall I would only give it a 4/10

14 Jan 2003, 16:04
Right, "Hello" is also an Animals sound. This synthesizer driven song has also the strange feeling, that "Once Upon A Time" has. "Hello" is sure a typical sixties hippie song and sounds like the other one from Popcorn Blizzard. So, the score is the same.


White of High
16 Jan 2003, 17:21
It's very strange: Meat in a beat band. "Hello" takes after Doors' songs. I don't like them. I don't like dot it but if I must it isn't more...

My score: 3

Average: 5.00 (20/4)