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01 Jun 2005, 07:16
According to the Starmites (Party) site, Barry Keating is working with
The Blue Man Group on a musical of Bat Out of Hell. I have attached
the reference for your 'reading pleasure' lol.

If we have Bat Out of Hell 3 in 2007, with this production shortly
following (because, let's face it, Bat 3 will verify this being done) we can
have a full circle: Neverland - performed for the first time in thirty years
(revised and complete), with Bat Out of Hell 3 on the 30th Anniversary
of Bat 1, forming part of a trilogy: and whatever happens with Over
the Top. This is magnificent. And to top it off, I got an email from
Steve Margoshes. It couldn't get any better


01 Jun 2005, 20:23
Great news!!!

Thanks for sharing Ryan. :D