View Full Version : Meat, where were you on 27th of November 2004??

14 Mar 2005, 20:30
I have a question and I hope that anyone can give me an answer!
On the 27th of November was a tv show in Germany. I thought Meat would come to this show and I was really sad. Because Meat didnīt appear!! :cry:
Iīm so a big fan of Meat and Iīm always so happy when I see or saw Meat in tv. Unfortunately I will write my final exam in Enlish on the 22nd of June 2005. I know that he is in Munich on this day :-(
Meat is the best singer in the world and he has the greatest fans!!!
Ok I have to learn a bit maths now... :( I never have the time to learn because I prefer to listen to Meatīs songs.....:-)))

Good Night
Nicole (Nicki) :P