View Full Version : urgent- how do i purchase a platinum experience

13 Mar 2005, 13:15
Hi everyone, now this is crazy but my fiance wants to actually pay for the platinum experience on the other site to meet meat. question is we dont know how to actually go about doin this i need as much info as possible you can start purchasing from 8pm gmt time tommorow......bit thick i know but wats that, also do we have to ring and book or wat.

On a cheaper note i have been looking at a hospitality package on another site cce hospitality which includes pre show party.......is there any chance of meeting meat if we do that one.

any reply to my questions will be very much appreciated loadsa huggles xxxxxxxx

13 Mar 2005, 14:35
to get the platinum package or any of the packages you will have to sign up to meat loaf.net then you will be able to login to the ticket's area to book.
as for the hospitality pack's they do not mention a meet and greet so i would assume that there won't be ne

13 Mar 2005, 16:53
*me wonders if Kirstynic's fella has more money than sense....

13 Mar 2005, 18:32
To purchase the Platinum Experience for a Meat Loaf show, you will first need to be a fully paid member of the new fan club ( http://www.meatloaf.net ). If you were an existing member, you will be able to enjoy a full six months of membership to the new club for free (you will have been sent a code via e-mail0. Once you are a member, you must log into the fan club website ( http://www.meatloaf.net ) and purchse your Platinum Experience for the show you are interested in. The Platinum Experience will cost you $400.00 per ticket and with it you will be given the follwoing:

* Ticket for a highest-priced seat in rows 1 - 2.
* For General Admission shows - early entry will be arranged
* Pre-show backstage walkthrough and soundcheck party
* VIP laminate
* One autograph by Meat Loaf
* Tour book or other collectible
* Meet and greet and Photo with Meat Loaf
* Special VIP access to no wait merchandise stand
* 8x10 cardboard commeroative photo frame

I hope that information will help you. To the best of my knowledge this website and/or the Meat Loaf UK Fan Club is not involved with anything to do with the new fan club seating arrangements and possible M&G opportunities.

Thank you,