View Full Version : Wedding in Liverpool Same Day as Concert!

24 Feb 2005, 09:03
Flying Mouse wrote in "Tour Talk - Liverpool Big Top page 3":

It's now officlial, if anyone wants to pop into a wedding in Liverpool on the same day as the concert, Carol and I would be happy to see you
And yes.We will be at the concert that night.
Can anyone think of a better wedding reception than a Meat concert

If you wanna come and see us, send either Carol or me a PM and we''ll let you know where we'll be.

Just thought I'd transcribe it over to this page as Meat seems to post on this page most. Maybe he'll read it and pop along!! :lol:

24 Feb 2005, 09:37
Well, yes, Rachel, he WILL be there as he'll be the star of the show! :!: :D

However, it would be nice if he could mention the wedding, and I believe Carol will still be wearing her wedding dress, so maybe...just maybe....if Paradise is sung....? :D