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08 Feb 2005, 07:06

does anyone know of anywhere that you can get a DVD of all Meat's music videos?? I have has the VHS copy of BOOH2 - The Picture Show for years, but it has finally broken after many repeat viewings...

I've even looked on Ebay, but couldn't find anything...



08 Feb 2005, 09:01
What is exactly broken. I have often repaired my own videos. In fact, it is very easy. :)

08 Feb 2005, 09:20
You can try amazon,i know that i have ordered a few dvd's from there and they are ok, most of them are there deffo!
www.amazon.co.uk (hope no one minds that i put the link here)

09 Feb 2005, 07:01
I think it is just wear and tear, the tape itself appears to be chewed up.

Anyway, I was hoping to upgrade it to DVD anyway. Is there one available?? Nothing on Amazon either....

09 Feb 2005, 11:53
You could always try play.com too. Could be something on there, other that that i dont know :?

09 Feb 2005, 13:05
Unfortunately BOOH2 picture show is only on VHS (officially) :(. The only official Meat Loaf DVDs I am aware of are Classic Albums: Bat Out Of Hell, Hits Out Of Hell, Storytellers and Live with the MSO. All of which should be available at high street and on-line stores. The best bet for a collection of Meat music vids on DVD is on e-bay. I have seen one which apparently featured all the vids, but didn't get it :( - needless to say, if you find one on e-bay it will be a bootleg so quality is not assured (though may be worth the risk until an official video collection is released - which probably won't happen).

Hope this helps :wink:

09 Feb 2005, 19:38
Yes eBay or download them ;-)

Anyone ever seen the fan made video of "Everything louder than Everything else" (the manga one) ?

It's quite good.

I think meat should definately do an all time video hits thing on DVD....

14 Feb 2005, 18:32
if that is all the meatloaf DVDs that meens i have everyone :) but there needs to be more DVDs of meat. i think bat 3 will help this out and im sure there are gonna be plenty more DVDS on the way in years to come.

14 Feb 2005, 18:39
I Hope so, they would be fantastic to see :D
I know i would definitely be buying my copy

17 Feb 2005, 00:15
There is also the DVD that comes with the 25th Anniversary BOOH :)

17 Feb 2005, 14:53
Unfortunately the DVD that comes with 25th Anniversary Bat out of Hell CD is Hits Out Of Hell - exactly the same as the one that can be bought seperately (although it may have a picture on the disc!) :evil: