View Full Version : Meat in England at the RITZ

23 Jan 2005, 11:42
my siter went to the RITZ yesterday evening (dont worry shes not posh she was invited by one of her posh freinds for a get togather :) ) anyway as she was tucking in to her cucumber sandwich she think she notised meat and she does know what he looks like. then my sisters freind dad said to my sister is that meat loaf????????.

is meat in england at the moment if so why is he, does anybody know where he is at the moment or was this simply a good look a like???????????

p.s i put this in the wrong bit it ment to be in genral messages but never mind.

23 Jan 2005, 17:16

23 Jan 2005, 20:10
Sorry, unlike usually, I wasnt there today 8)

23 Jan 2005, 20:44
I don't think he's in England, so very unlikely.

23 Jan 2005, 20:50
no thats what i said but she is convised it is him!!!!!!

23 Jan 2005, 22:40
It's all been quiet in loaf land recently, with litle or no news as to what the man has been up to, I guess it's possible if he's over here for film promotion or filming work, but without any news it can't be confirmed.

24 Jan 2005, 14:03
Oh but it would be nice, and what a stampede to London there would (well, might) be!

Probably a good thing that the pap don't follow Meat around..

- maybe he's here to see Caryl, Vicki and Tink!! :D :lol:

24 Jan 2005, 16:13
I'm in london as of wednesday to friday...i'll keep an eye out ;-)