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White of High
18 Nov 2002, 19:42
Let's Go to Rock 'n' Roll!!!!!!!

Piece Of The Action (8)

It's a good melody. The lyrics is too rough to me. Sometimes it seems Meat rebels against the life. He was in glitter and now in the dark.
(I want to be in this dark) :D
I know what happened in his life but it's a little bit lot. If only it isn't the real-USA.

Well, the music is great, the text is "bold".

My score: 8

Average: 9.00 (63/7)

18 Nov 2002, 22:13
Piece of the action, a beautifull, powerfull song. Nice lyrics. The extended or remix version is also very nice. I think Bonnie Tyler could sing it also, cause it's a bit of her song, t think.

More than an 8, an 8.5

20 Nov 2002, 18:48
A very good song. Especially the beginning and the end.

Great variety of rock and ballad, a thing Steinman often uses often. So a very good job of Paul Jacobs and Sarah Durkee.

Live is this song F**cking great.

My Score: 8/9

20 Nov 2002, 20:37
I agree with you both, the song is very good - I think that Sarah Durkee and Paul Jacobs are among the best lyricists ever. While Meats voice is back up to full power in 1984 - when it was recorded - it is a great vocal as well

I think the Offenbach version is nice - it is Meats dedication to Wells Kelly on that recording.

I give it an 8 1/2

The Flying Mouse
28 Nov 2002, 23:39
:twisted: Man this is one hell of a song.
The mixture of rock and ballard is mind blowing.
At the begining of the song,I can picture Meat walking down a dark city street seeing the things he is singing about.It's a bit like his genie charachter from Objects In The Rear View Mirror.
It's a song about realising you want more out of life.A choice of either leaning on a peeling porch or leaving on a silver plane.
The music is fantastic.The clashes are spine tingling.
The music,the lyrics and Meat's voice make this a classic even by Meat Loaf's standards.
10/10 Burnin' in the dark.

17 Sep 2003, 21:39
This one stopped me in my tracks. Why was this not a huge hit? It could have fitted on either Bat album. Yes even Bat I. One of my favorite non - Stienman ML songs. And one of the few that can rate a solid 10/10.

21 Sep 2003, 01:30
I picture a man working really hard, never really getting somewhere, in that city, so dark, with street lights illuminating (glowing) off the circle 3D bricks that are wet, cause its raining. The vocals are really well done, more so than others, on album, and the music, has its leaps. Which is ahh beautiful hard rock!!

.....geez i've been giving a lot of 10's out tonight, but you gotta know somethin, these songs are great. Did I mention, Meat puts a lot of acting into his songs, I definetly noticed this. And the music sets the mood just right.


19 Jan 2004, 23:34
I have to say that I do like the BA album A LOT but Piece Of The Action isn't one of my faves.

I like Meat's vocals on it but either the lyrics or the music just dont' draw my attention.
Much better live!!!!


21 Jan 2004, 11:33
It's also one on my favourites on BA. The lyrics are great!

My score: 10

23 Jan 2004, 06:38
This song, and it's parenting album, is stellar - compaired to the asinine misapropos from 1983.

meat loaf is my god
07 Feb 2004, 21:25
This is the one song i didlike the most i dont hate because i dont hate any of Meat loafs stuff but i just dont like it 1/10

08 Feb 2004, 05:41
I shouldn't really respond to other people's opinions, but how can you not like this song? It's too good to be unlikable

11 Feb 2004, 09:49
This is the very first Meatīs song I heard and itīs pretty nice.

I give: 8/10

01 May 2004, 20:27
Great Song Of a great album.
Paul Jacobs & Sarah Durkee are second only to Jim Steinman in my view.
They can write songs that stand up pretty darned well next to Steinman
And their songs dont feel like cheap knock off's either (are you reading miss warren!!???)

01 May 2004, 20:29
Sorry, got a bit carried away there :lol: 11/10 Give me a shot at the real thing

Space Monkey
25 Oct 2004, 22:07
I bought a second hand vinyl single of this song years ago and it had an extended version of the song which was absolutely ace. It has this really over-blown OTT introduction which was absolutely top drawer! I'll have to try and get my mum and dads' record player working again...

Has anyone else heard this version? Think it was called - bizarrely - "Piece Of The Action - Extended Version". Crazy, eh?

13 Jul 2005, 17:20
Been thinking about this song!

Brilliant lyrics for the common man.



16 Jul 2005, 23:16
Just sat and listened to this again after not hearing it for a while. I first saw Meat Loaf when Bad Attitude came out - an amazing concert and a stunning on-stage set.

I do prefer some of the other songs on Bad Attitude but saying that i still rate this as 8/10.

ames xx

16 Jul 2006, 06:52
Brilliant song! I'd love to see it live, but it could never sound as powerful as it does on the album.

26 Jul 2006, 15:39
Great song! Even better album!


Evil One
23 Jan 2007, 22:09
5. Not one of my favourites.

White of High
24 Jan 2007, 21:34
Average: 8.13 (130/16)

24 Jan 2007, 23:05

24 Jan 2007, 23:25
Amazing song, everyone else has said what I would say about it so.......


25 Jan 2007, 02:41
Great Song Of a great album.
Paul Jacobs & Sarah Durkee are second only to Jim Steinman in my view.
They can write songs that stand up pretty darned well next to Steinman
And their songs dont feel like cheap knock off's either (are you reading miss warren!!???)

Hard to argue with this comment.

9/10 One of the best non-Steinman songs