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White of High
05 Nov 2002, 22:01
Let's Go to Rock 'n' Roll!!!!!!!

Bad Attitude (8)

Oh, Yeah!
I love this album. I say about this album: "This is the Rod Stewart era."
Bad Attitude a very good song. An anarchia-song. Here is a few Bat Out Of Hell, a few Peel Out, a few Wasted Youth. At beginning he's tasting the free and the anarchia and at the end he calls upon:

"We try to lay down the rules, but you were born to refuse"

My score: 8

Average: 8.69 (113/13)

06 Nov 2002, 08:50
Indeed WOH, it is a great song. Live the song is even better. Great lyrics, very nice music and powerfull.
Nothing more ot add.

An 9

06 Nov 2002, 18:26
A tremendous song. The first Meat Loaf song I bought with my own money!!!!!

Score: 9

06 Nov 2002, 19:32
A great comeback after midnight.

Very good song, like most songs written by Paul Jacobs and Sarah Durkee. Good powerfull rock. Great lyrics. Like Tim says, live it is even better.

Score: 8/9

The Flying Mouse
28 Nov 2002, 14:25
:twisted: The Bad Attitude album is a welcome return to the fantasy cover art and,I think a more traditional Meat Loaf sound.
The argument between the father and son is great,especially in the Bad Attitude Live vid.
Another thing I really like in the song,is near the end where the lyrics go "Every Hero Was Once,Every Villain Was Once Just A Boy"then straight into a quick guitar riff before picking up the song again.Magic.
8.5/10 Plenty of attitude.

22 Aug 2003, 21:29
like this song v much 9

Crystal Eyes
22 Aug 2003, 21:49
:twisted: The Bad Attitude album is a welcome return to the fantasy cover art and,I think a more traditional Meat Loaf sound.

I agree. It's great song and I love the lyrics. I think 8/10

23 Aug 2003, 02:51
like this song v much 9

I'm with you :twisted:

25 Aug 2003, 16:25
Bad Attitude 10/10 Rebellion, against society, working for a living , but most of all FREEDOM to just take off - love this

25 Aug 2003, 19:22
I like this particular song, and in general the whole album is much better than Midnight (although I like the title track from that).

The song is quite funny, and well sung, fast paced and has good lyrics.

The only problem with it I find is the slightly "flat" tinny sound, which is all over the whole album.

Anyway, one of the best written lyrics for a non-Jimmer, I reckon 8/10 is fair.

17 Sep 2003, 01:42
This is a near hit for me. The song rocks, good lyrics but the full production just isn't there. Still a good song and I was excited to here ML have command of his voice in the studio. 8/10

18 Nov 2003, 01:38
Great opening track, nice sound, I'm not to familiar with Rogder Daltrey, but the two sound good. What a song,


20 Nov 2003, 01:35
Bad Attitude is one of my favs, and meat plays the the part well when he sings it and adds great facial expressions. Over all a great song.
I give it a 9

Autumn (BadAttitude)

20 Nov 2003, 09:56
9/10 :D

05 Jan 2004, 16:10
Can you believe I've just fallen in love with the Bad Attitude album again? 10 years after?! 8O

I wish I were there when Meat did his Bad Attitude Tour...

What about a concert to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Bad Attitude album release? :mrgreen:


05 Jan 2004, 19:32
Bad Attitude gets a 9/10 from me.... not only is it a good song, but it was teh very first ML song I heard live, and one of the best starts to a concert I have ever seen..... Just Meat on stage in fron tof the black backdrop, then with teh crash of the opening chords of Bad Attitude the curtain falls to reveal the "bike set" - breathtaking :D

20 Jan 2004, 11:57
I became a fan in february 1984. I bought this album in 86, just after BBIS was released. I did not know before the existence of other Meat albums apart from BOOH. So i know this one for almost 18 years and still after all those years i really like it. Coincidentally i listened last nite to this song and also Jump, Mark, Cheating and Sailor and hell, i love it. 8)
Ofcourse the album is not perfect and because i know it so well, i am able to criticize it about almost everything. But still it rocks, This song has power. The voice has aaaaooooooh power, the lyrics are rebellious and extraordinary. 8/10

20 Jan 2004, 12:26
Am actually listening to this at the mo - it ROCKS!!!!!


meat loaf is my god
28 Jan 2004, 21:18
A class song i listen to it all the time


30 Jan 2004, 01:25
The thing that annoys me about Bad Attitude is Roger Daltrey, his voice doesn't work well with Meats, which is bizarre because I really like The Who.

For the song I'd give it 7/10 and for the album the same. Don't blame me blame Mr Daltrey.


Evil One
23 Jan 2007, 22:31

24 Jan 2007, 20:39
i really like it :D

White of High
24 Jan 2007, 21:04
Average: 8.46 (177.7/21)

24 Jan 2007, 21:11
I wish Roger was in the song more, but great song, who here doesn't like it?


10/10 - and thats not even being generous!

24 Jan 2007, 23:07

24 Jan 2007, 23:22

duke knooby
24 Jan 2007, 23:24
a really good rock tune... 7

07 Feb 2007, 22:26
I can take it or leave it.