View Full Version : little site problem that i have :D

29 Oct 2004, 21:14
Well, got a little site problem. Since i just came back, all things have changed. Like:

There are some things you can adjust, for instance to read the newest posts first, or the posts going back untill a year orso... Well, can change it, but when i refresh the page, or go offline, and later back online and start this page... everything has gone, and i can start over again with making the adjustments.

What can i do about that??? Cause i don't see really a problem. I thought it had something to do with cookies or temp internet files... but even that ain't the problem. So... maybe someone knows.

The Butcher

29 Oct 2004, 21:53
This phpBB release does not save these settings.
Forum and/or topic view will always start with the default values (last month/chronological sort).

The next phpBB release (2.2) will probably do this.