View Full Version : any tv station ever gonna show any meats live concerts?

12 Oct 2004, 22:01
hi all.

i have to say wonder if theres any channels out there that are or will release any of meats older concerts?

as i rember seeing a concert on vh1 and one on mtv years ago.

but wonder if theres anymore planned soon?

as i loved it when he was younger in concerts.


The Flying Mouse
12 Oct 2004, 22:03
:twisted: Gonna move this over to General messages as it's more about his music than his acting :wink:

12 Oct 2004, 22:14
Oh man. We're discussing exactly this for a very long time on the German Forum. We also wrote uncountable letters to different TV stations here. Nothing. Once they promised to play the promo-concert from cologne 2003, but some weeks before it should happen, they cancelled it. :(

with despaired greetings :]

13 Oct 2004, 08:14
id do anything for love to see meat on the telly live.