View Full Version : Remember all those rumours & comments earlier this year.

30 Sep 2004, 23:22
Do y'all remember all those rumours and comments earlier this year during Meat's tour of the UK when people were saying how bad Meat's voice sounded. :evil:

I mean I dont want to dig up old fights and obviously everyone has a right to their own opinion. However It seems to me that after listening to some snippets of Meat's latest live cd with the Merlbourne Orchestra that his voice is still fantastic (see link below to get there).

Link (http://www.rollingstone.com/reviews/album/_/id/6489060/meatloaf?pageid=rs.Artistcage&pageregion=triple1&rnd=1096581983375&has-player=true&version=

I think this is the best evidence we have that Meat is still going strong anyway. I cant wait for the cd and I cant wait to watch the show on DVD also. I wish tho Meat would still release the soundboards of the UK tour as I really would love to get my hands on the Glasgow recordings.



Anyway those were my two cents...

Keep on Rockin' everybody and lets Hope Meat is heading back to the UK soon.... :-)

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01 Oct 2004, 10:48
Oooo the voice debate, I like this one...!

I went to 3 concerts last year, all at the NEC in Birmingham. The first 2 were pre-heart op and the last was around a month afterwards.

His voice at all 3 concerts was great but there was obvious struggle at the 1st one. The 2nd concert was somewhere in-between but the 3rd.... wow, strong, clear and unstoppable!!

I've also listened to the clips of the new album and they sound great, especially 2 out of 3 and For Crying Out Loud.

Can't wait for the DVD.


01 Oct 2004, 15:39
The great voice debate indeed, Ok here's my two cents.

I've seen Meat Live three times, all in Dublin:

First time in December 1994, his voice was shot to pieces, bar a really great version of Heaven Can wait he struggled all the way through.

For the WTTN tour his voice was much stronger, really powerful and the show itself was much better with more songs.

The VBO tour was just loud, but Meat's voice was again great.

I haven't seen Meat live since then, unfortunately, but having listened to the live tracks on the Man Of Steel single again his voice was shot. However I'm assuming that these were recorded before the operation.

Before anyone thinks I'm bashing Meat I'm not. I'm a singer in my own band and realise how hard it is to maintain a consistent level song after song.

01 Oct 2004, 15:53
I really don't understand why those live tracks were used on that single. I have a radio recording from the Cologne show of the recent tour and that version of Tear me Down is 10 times better vocally.

Also the mix on the single is poor, I think Kasim put them together if I remember right, the only bad thing I'll say against him if that is the case!

01 Oct 2004, 17:43
Saw Meat live several times over the last 5 years... in 1996 for the WTTN tour, twice in 1999 for the VBO tour, once in 2001, night of the proms and in 2003, try out for the CHSIB tour...

That last show.... his voice was not what it used to be... but the show rocked anyway...
As for the other shows... he sounded great every time!!!

Who still hopes Meat will make good on his promise and come do FCOL in Rotterdam some day!

01 Oct 2004, 17:53
I went to Wembley on 18th of December 2003, and he started and finished the show with an awesome voice - absolutely stunning, it sent shivers down my spine.

In the middle bit though, you could tell he was ill.

Still, they would hardly record a DVD and CD of Meat singing affected by the op or a cold, so from what I hear so far, I reckon the new releases will ROCK!

01 Oct 2004, 18:01
heard the cd... voice is amazingly great!!!!


01 Oct 2004, 18:04
Also the mix on the single is poor, I think Kasim put them together if I remember right, the only bad thing I'll say against him if that is the case!

I would fully agree...Kasim Sulton's recent mixes on both the LIVE tracks for the CHSIB singles and Australian release, as well as his mixing on the Mexico show left a ton to be desired.