View Full Version : do you feel meat loaf inside

09 Oct 2002, 20:24
are you like me or not , when you listen to ml do you feel meat loaf inside or do you just hear the words. ? my mates think i take it to far . let me know how meat has affected your life.or am i all alone in this ? :twisted:

09 Oct 2002, 20:41
Euhm, Meat Loaf inside of you?????? 8O

Allright, just kidding, i know what you mean, i think. I hear the words of the songs, hear the music, the tune of the notes that they are playing. The power of the voice and also the lyrics. Somethimes it's more than music that is performed by Meat Loaf.

If i'm sad, i always play Life is a lemon, and if i listen to Rock and roll dreams i'll get some hope and it makes me feel happy.

I think this is what you mean.

He, and you friends. Just let them talk. The don't have that, so they don't know what you are talking about. I've got the same problem with my friends. But they love other music, so i make jokes of their love for that music.

White of High
09 Oct 2002, 20:59
When I'm listening the music of Meat Loaf I just listen the music. I can't speak English very well, so I don't understand every words.

When I feel myself lonely I'm listening For Crying Out Loud, Objects In The Rear View Mirror or Standing On The Outside. If I want to be happy and enjoy the fight of elements I'm listening A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste or Bat Out Of Hell. If I want to dance then Hot Patootie or Dance In My Pants (Remix) by Jim. And if I just want to listen then for example Come Back To Sorrento with Pavarotti.

10 Oct 2002, 20:17
When I'm unhappy, I always listen to Paradise or For Crying Out Loud.

When I'm extremely happy I always listen to Bat, Everything Louder or Out Of The Frying Pan.

Normally I just listen to the song I want to hear.

Al the performances are great. Meat's voice, lyrics and Background vocals. I get of all meat's songs (especially the Steinman songs), a strange feeling inside, but I don't think there is at that moment a Meat Loaf inside me. Meat Loaf is more than the person.

The Flying Mouse
25 Nov 2002, 14:53
:twisted: To me Meat's songs are more than music and words.
There are some songs that I just cannot sit down and listen too.A classic example is Life Is A Lemon.If I play that song I have to walk up and down the living room playing air guitar (yes,that is very sad :oops: but I wouldn't have it any other way :D ).Sometimes I have to hold back tears of sheer elation.Unfortunatly i'm sure I iritate Carol sometimes because when the song is finished,I rush to the c.d. player and put on another version of the same song excitedly telling Carol "this version is brilliant,it rocks".Carol sits there with a patient smile nodding her head saying "yes it's good isn't it"(and thinking now where did I put that rat poison).
I love singing Meat's songs,but I have been known to worry the punters with my "evil" face,and after singing Paradise,we've had people say to us that they thought we really were arguing.
Meat Loaf is quite simply the best there ever was and the best there ever will be.His other stuff is great,but his best work is definatly with Jim.