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White of High
09 Oct 2002, 20:18
Let's Go to Rock 'n' Roll!!!!!!!

Keep Driving (6/10)

It's a sad song. Meat doesn't find his place in the world. He is escaping from the city, from the civilization. He is right. What is this culture? What is the culture of USA or Europe? We should go back to the nature, to the light. And not more...

My score: 6 (the lyrics: 10)

Average: 6.96 (97.5/14)

09 Oct 2002, 20:33
Keep Driving is a very nice song. It sounds very gospel like.

Very funny lyrics. Maybe, the lyrics describe what Meat was feeling when he made this album. Sort of another way to describe the things.

I like it, not much to say about it. An 8.

10 Oct 2002, 20:11
How can I describe this song. Not his best song, but it isn't a bad song to listen to. It has a good intro and it is good music. I agree with Tim about the lyrics, it's probably about the way he felt at that time.

score: 6.5

11 Oct 2002, 09:09
I think this album isn't very good, but this is one of the songs on it, i like.

Score: 7

The Flying Mouse
27 Nov 2002, 16:18
:twisted: The way I read the lyrics,it's a song about a guy who is disillusioned about city life,but that is where his girl is("I'm a prisoner of these lonely streets but I know i'll find you there").So he tries to peruade her to go with him ("I can't go home alone).In the end she does go with him("And just before my tear will fall you smile and get inside).
It's not a bad song.Not one of my favorites,But still good to listen too.
6/10 Let the meter run.

Peat Loaf
12 Apr 2003, 02:37
see my post about MATLAF 8)

12 Apr 2003, 22:07

13 Apr 2003, 08:23
dreadful. it is such a shame that he had to make this record. :cry:

The Flying Mouse
13 Apr 2003, 12:31
Bart wrote
It is such a shame that he had to make this record. :cry:
Bart,no Midnight=no Razor's Edge=misery :cry:

21 Apr 2003, 22:07
This track falls into the "it's alright" category, not excellent, not awful......
My Score: 5

15 May 2003, 22:31
i quite like this song, i like the lyrics too, i would like to see this song perforned live,

original sin
16 May 2003, 21:47
i quite like this song, i like the lyrics too, i would like to see this song perforned live,

you took the words right out of my mouth...

16 May 2003, 23:02
I like the song.... heard it a while ago again... and still. Good music, very funny!

17 May 2003, 20:10
i like it!


09 Jul 2003, 14:03
Its good. 7/10

21 Aug 2003, 21:36
JUst heard this song. I think this is an AMAZING song. The lyrics are amazing. The way he sings them are so well done. Meat is really good when he goes soft. Loud too. The instruments are excellent, and the way the music is blended with the vocals, just makes it well done. I'm not sure what it means though. And the solo, is really awesome for this song. I wish this song could have been longer. I love this song. I like the 2nd time around when aloud he says And just before my tear will falll..............................Keep Driving, let the meter run. I love it!!!! Go MEAT, I bet this is probably the best from Midnight. Can't wait till my order comes in! And they can never ware out the phrase KEEP DRIVING!!! Cause believe me when I get my liscence, I'll keep driving.

I rate it a 9\10

25 Aug 2003, 20:57
I like this one



17 Sep 2003, 01:14
Didn't work for me although it really is a good fit for the mood of the entire album. 6/10 This album sits at the bottom of the ML pile for me. I've given it many chances over the years. Still don't care for most of it.

White of High
23 Jan 2007, 22:23
Average: 6.73 (87.5/13)

23 Jan 2007, 22:26
I like it...its sweet....nice tune


Evil One
23 Jan 2007, 22:42