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06 Oct 2002, 23:39
:cry: From what i can see from the holiday tour dates which are listed on the official meat site. It appears that Meat wont be coming to the uk again until after he releases Testify>

The Flying Mouse
07 Oct 2002, 02:56
:twisted: Hi Richard.
I'm sure Meat will have some European shows on the upcoming tour.
I've said this before on previous topics,but personaly I would rather have the chance to familiarise myself with the new material before I hear them done live.At a concert there is so much going on that it is hard to take in new songs.Not only that,if you have time to learn the songs you get to sing along at the concert :D .

07 Oct 2002, 18:10
:cry: :evil: :cry: It has been confirmed by Vee from the Official Meat site that Meat isnt coming to the Uk or europe until he has released testify. Which might not even be its name, becayse of stupid! Phil Collins.

The Flying Mouse
07 Oct 2002, 19:25
:twisted: That's a real disapointment. :cry:
But on the other hand,Meat has just finished one UK/US tour.He'll be starting his next US tour soon and there is suposed to be a masive tour when Testify is released.I supose the poor guy needs some time off.
As regards to the name of the album,maybe it will go back to it's original title of Funhouse.
I think the most frustrating thing about the album is the lack of concrete information.Even if Left Bank put out a definate release date of 1st September 2004 (god forbid)at least we would know where we stand,and we'd have something to look forward to.
P.S. I also feel sorry for fans in other parts of the world.I hope Meat will get round to you all soon.