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White of High
30 Sep 2002, 18:41
Some months ago I wrote that I have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Well, last night I was watching. I have to agree with Jim Steinman when he was asking about Meat Loaf: "Is it movie?"

Yes, I know sometimes it's funny but I think it is an "idiot" film. It has got the one of the biggest fanclub. Why? What is the good in this film. The music is good, but the story...

A typical american cult-movie.

Jim! I agree with you! Is it movie?

30 Sep 2002, 19:06
Didn't you like this movie??? Well, okey, that's your opinion. But it's great!!

The songs are great, and it's very funny! It's not the meaning that you take those thing for real. Maybe you should watch it again somethimes, that you will understand it. The first time i watched it, i also thought that it was a strange movie, but now i've seen it a few times, and i like it very much.

I don't think that this is typically American style. But i agree that it's cult.

30 Sep 2002, 20:11
I think a great movie, especially the music. The music is the film. And I think that's why the film is so great, and offcourse Meat plays in it!

30 Sep 2002, 20:46
I saw this film when I was 10 years old, because I heard ML was in it. I bought a few days later!! it is an awesome movie.

The Flying Mouse
01 Oct 2002, 10:09
:twisted: Rocky Horror can be very confusing the first few times you see it (it was for me),but after a while you learn to just turn your brain off and enjoy it.I think the harder you try to understand it the more difficult it becomes.
It's a very funny film with great music.
My favorite moment (and no,not just because it's Meat Loaf.Well maybe just a little bit :wink: ) is Eddie's entrance.The guy has had half of his brain removed and then he's been put in a freezer.He comes back from the dead and the only thing that worries him is "Whatever Happened To Saturday Night".That Rocks. 8)

09 Oct 2002, 21:53
A typical American-cult? I'm sure that The Rocky Horror Picture Show is British.