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28 Sep 2002, 05:52
I'm addicted to the sonf "guilty" that Pearl sang on Meat's latest tour. I'm listening to the Bonnie Raitt version now...but, Pearl rocked. :P

28 Sep 2002, 05:55
song that is!!! :wink:

28 Sep 2002, 10:26
Never heard of it. Some post earlier i asked here around if anybody did now something about the CD that Pearl is making, maybe that is a song of it? Don't know it, but you never know. Let's hope so.

12 Oct 2002, 13:45
Is Pearl making a CD? The closest thing that comes to this that I know is the band Stella that she used to be in, but that band broke up. Is this what you're talking about, or something else? I would LOVE to hear a Pearl CD!!!!

21 Oct 2002, 20:11
I've read somewhere that Pearl was working on a CD, but now i've heard that it's hanging on the edge. But maybe, that would be very cool, cause she has a great voice, as you can hear by the different tours

22 Oct 2002, 08:22
I would love for Pearl to come to New Zealand so I can hear her voice. She's got great looks but that's all I know at the moment. From what people have said though, she does have a great voice.

I guess it would make sense for Pearl to delay her own CD as she's doing the duet with her father, Meat, on his new album. She might wait and see what people think about that first.