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15 Sep 2002, 14:11
I've read about a CD titled "Heaven and Hell". There are songs of Meat Loaf and songs of Bonnie Tyler on this CD. But I don't know: Does Meat sing his songs for himself and does Bonnie sing her songs for herself? Or does Meat sing the Bonnie-Songs and does Bonnie sing the Meat-Songs? Or do they sing all songs both together?

15 Sep 2002, 15:29
Meat does his own, Bonnie does her own. They arent remakes either, they are originals. But wouldnt you agree, it would have been nice for them to have a duet album together.

The Flying Mouse
15 Sep 2002, 15:40
:twisted: It's quite a good compilation.My only critisism is that it's the short version of Bat Out Of Hell.Bat's a crash song,and if you finish the song before the crash you lose the reason for the song.
Someone posted a while ago (if memory serves right) about Meat and Bonnie doing a duet.Have they done a duet?If so what's it called and what c.d. is it on.

15 Sep 2002, 21:23
The only direct collabaration with ML and Bonnie is on "A Kiss is A Terrible Thing To Waste" which Bonnie does some backing vocals.