View Full Version : On changing registered e-mail addy. . .

Rob The Badger
29 Jun 2004, 23:55
I've recently changed my e-mail addy, so, how do I get that registered here? Ta.

The Flying Mouse
29 Jun 2004, 23:57
:twisted: Hi Rob.
Just go to profile on the top tool bar, delete your old e mail addy, type in the new one, and submit.

Rob The Badger
30 Jun 2004, 00:01
That was my first port of call. However, it happens to be a new hotmail me, which, is seemingly not allowed. Or so it tells me.

The Flying Mouse
30 Jun 2004, 00:04
:twisted: Hotmail accounts were stoped from being acceptable a few months ago.
Have you got an e mail accountt from your internet provider you can use?

Rob The Badger
30 Jun 2004, 00:08
Yes. . .but I'm too tired. . .I'll do it in the morning. Cheers for the info.