View Full Version : On Very best Of - Which version of Bat????

13 Sep 2002, 02:29
Hi people I am putting up a vote to see what version of Bat everyone wants. I am not including audience recordings or poor quality soundboard recordings to this vote because Bat should be the centrepiece of the album and must have good quality, am I right?

The Flying Mouse
14 Sep 2002, 12:27
:twisted: Hi Meatles
My favorite version of Bat is Wembley 1987.But saying that,the only live version i've heard from 1978 is the Nassau Coliseum so i'd rather have a early version I havn't heard before.

14 Sep 2002, 15:12
Flying Mouse

The best version of Bat Out Of Hell from the early years I'd say is from "El Mocambo 1978".

But thats just my opinion,

19 Sep 2002, 14:35
I bought an import CD which was a 2 CD Bat Out Of Hell 2 special edition kind of thing. The second CD had live recordings of Bat Out Of Hell, You Took The Words Right Out Of Mouth, and Everything Louder Than Everything Else on it. This version of 'Bat' is fantastic - it's the one where at the start, as the piano is playing the final part of the intro, Meat shouts 'Have another beer...' Does anyone know the version I mean? It's fantastic.